Embrace Change, Embrace The New, Embrace You

Embrace Change, Embrace The New, Embrace You Happy 1111 Day If you are interested in numbers and numerology, today (11/11/22) is hugely significant. We talked about 22 the other day. 22 and 11 are Master Numbers, in that they are not added to each other (as in Numerology), so they remain as that number. AlthoughContinue reading “Embrace Change, Embrace The New, Embrace You”

Move Forward in the Direction of Your Dreams

I wasn’t sure what to title this post: ‘Keep improving, keep moving’ or ‘Always growing, always learning’ 29 and of course these either of these titles can be re-ordered. What came to me, which is more important is, it doesn’t matter how we say things, or what labels we put on things – sometimes weContinue reading “Move Forward in the Direction of Your Dreams”

Free To Be Me

Our greatest block to success is ourselves, and the thoughts we tell ourselves every time we try, or attempt to try, something new or something different. Our thoughts get in the way – ‘monkey mind’, ‘overthinking’ whatever we call it in our own head, and then the doubt sets in, those little niggles that weContinue reading “Free To Be Me”