Embrace Change, Embrace The New, Embrace You

Embrace Change, Embrace The New, Embrace You

Happy 1111 Day

If you are interested in numbers and numerology, today (11/11/22) is hugely significant. We talked about 22 the other day. 22 and 11 are Master Numbers, in that they are not added to each other (as in Numerology), so they remain as that number. Although you can add them together if you want.

Master Numbers hold huge significance and more power.

1111 represents mastery of self and our self-awareness of our spiritual connection – the universe and our place in it.

If you embrace the power of this number, you can manifest huge opportunities in your life.

With the recent full moon and eclipse energies, we have been releasing a lot of old – ideas, emotions and physical ‘stuff’, to make way for the new. And you can embrace that new today – however it manifests.

Angel number 1111 represents new beginnings, if you are ready and open to them. Change is the only constant in our lives.

We often create habits, unknowingly initially, that become the ‘norm’ in our life, our little safe space, and we feel we have to keep doing these things, because it feels ‘safe’ or ‘usual’. We do these things every day, and they feel okay, even though they may not always be ‘good’ for us. We all have different habits that we have ‘created’ along the way to help us cope. And that is okay – we do what we can in every situation to make it the best for ourselves. And that is the ultimate thing to do in life – whatever is best for you. Initially, these seem like the best option but sometimes it doesn’t always work out that they are the best in the long term.

So today, I invite you to embrace change – however small. Do one thing different today. For you.

Today is a good day to start – 1111 – new beginnings – how ever they manifest. Choose one step to ‘freedom from habits’ for you, today. Embrace change. Embrace the New. Embrace You.

Have a beautiful day. Fran x

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