Move Forward in the Direction of Your Dreams

I wasn’t sure what to title this post: ‘Keep improving, keep moving’ or ‘Always growing, always learning’ 29 and of course these either of these titles can be re-ordered.

What came to me, which is more important is, it doesn’t matter how we say things, or what labels we put on things – sometimes we can spend too long trying to define things and then we have lost the momentum, or indeed the will to do what we want to do …

What matters is taking action, actually doing something, rather than just talking about doing things107

We wear ourselves out thinking about what we want to do, or when we are going to do it. And of course, this is good to do – once you don’t spend too long doing it. Planning is okay, once we don’t spend all our time in that cycle of planning.

Action is more important, be a doer, not a talker/planner.

The old sayings come to mind ‘all talk no action’ and ‘talk the talk, but not walk the walk’

It sounds good to have plans, but for a lot of people that’s all they are. We spend our time creating ‘to-do’ lists and schedules – again okay to do. But once you move on from these lists and take action.

I challenge you – though better if you challenge you (always better if you make choices for yourself) – to set the intention today that whatever you do, and however you do it – to move forward – the ‘size’ of the movement doesn’t matter – small steps, or one giant leap …

What matters is that you are moving and growing in whatever you do.

Learn from actions/mistakes – they are not really ‘mistakes’/mis-take (a mis-take – doing something different than the norm – that just came to me now – I am not sure if anyone else has said this before – a mis-take, all good). Yes, if we learn from our ‘mis-takes’ it’s the right choice.

We are sometimes told not to make mistakes (some children fear doing things in case they make a mistake – even if they are not told this directly, they can sense it from the adults around them – more on this to follow in another post).

So today move forward, however you want …

Move forward in the direction of your dreams

Have a beautiful day. Fran x

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