I Am Free To Be Me

Happy Monday everyone and thank you for reading.

I am back. And sharing another part of me. My initial intention when I started this website and blog was to post each day, possibly slightly unrealistic but I don’t think so. Anyway, I posted two blogs, as you know, and then I took a small break.

I have been getting a nudge to post again, but I didn’t listen to the call. Until now. And I set up a facebook group – ‘Free To Be Me’ – I am not sure of the direction of this group but I know it will include lots on living consciously – freely, in the moment, without fear and limits (self-imposed, self-perceived or otherwise).

I am growing and evolving all the time, we all are, and that is what I am sharing – my journey in true authenticity – I just heard ‘hook, line and sinker’ – I am not a sailor, but the analogy I got from this is that sometimes the waters might be rocky and sometimes they might be calm, and at times the boat (me) might take on some excess water but I will keep sailing. Anyway, enough of that analogy – maybe I will use it again?

This morning, I had started my first post for the ‘Free to Be Me’ group and got to 326 words without getting to the point, so I started again, referencing the first post I wrote on this site on 23rd August 2022, and as I said and I posted it on my website with the intention of writing a blog each day, but life/writing got in the way. And I wanted my website to be perfect, and all of the usual stuff …

This morning I woke knowing that the time is now, so here goes

Time to be Free To Be Me 107 words at 7:01am 111

There are no coincidences and I know numbers are energetic vibrations and the fact that this post was 107 words at 7:01 today (and another synchronisation – if my Granny was still alive, she would have been 107 today.

So, the time is right now.

And did I mention – I know I haven’t, yet, but it seems more dramatic. The ‘Free To Be Me’ post had 555 words (including the title) and for those of you who know numbers 555 is ‘change’ and for those of you who know ‘moon cycles’ there is a full moon tonight, and we all know that the energies around the moon are ‘heightened’.

I will be writing about ‘moon cycles’ and ‘numbers and energy’ in this group, and a lot more besides. I will be sharing my journey with you, and I will also be writing about living more consciously – living freely without fear (perceived or otherwise).

I am sharing my first blog post below and I will share a lot more …

Thank you for reading. Have a beautiful day

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