Writing Late in Life

I didn’t come to writing late in life.  I came to Me late in life.  Obviously, I was always Me, and I have been writing since I could write.  Lots of different pieces of writing, tried my hand at all of it.  My writing voice has changed over the years; I have changed over the years.

My mum told me that I once stayed up all night to write a story for school – I was in national school, maybe first or second class.  I don’t still have that story, but I don’t still have that Me either.  I have had many more stories along the way, all part of making me the Me that I am now.

As a young child I was quiet, yet slightly daring.  My mum said I used to jump off the kitchen counter.  Of course, I would ask her to catch me, but if she wasn’t ready, I jumped anyway.  I was around two years of age at the time.

I had a great childhood, supportive parents and siblings, and many great friends.  But somewhere along the way I retreated into myself, into a world of books and writing.  I felt safe in my books, creating stories in my head, writing those stories out on pages.  I also got into the habit of writing down my emotions – I didn’t express my feelings out loud – it wasn’t really encouraged.  But that’s okay, it was a different time.

I engaged with the world, and had a great life, great friends and great experiences, but there was always a part of me that I kept hidden – a lack of self confidence in sharing myself fully with my peers.  It’s all good, and it definitely is.  Everything I experienced (good, bad, low, high) has made me who I am, and I wouldn’t change any of it.  I am very comfortable with myself, the Me that I am now.  And while I didn’t come to writing late in life, I have come to the Me that I am ready to share with the world, ‘late in life’ – though since this chapter of my life is here now, it’s not really late in life at all.  

And while I won’t be jumping from any kitchen counters, I am metaphorically jumping into the Me who feels Free.  The Me I Am Ready to Share.  I am Free to Be Me.

Thank you for reading.  Have a beautiful day.  Fran xo

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